Affordable for simple applications you thought were too expensive for you to cover.

Eliminate uninsulated drawsting assemblies.

Do-It-Yourself ordering and application.

Bid jobs with the low cost, highly effective removable covers.

No extra engineering required.

Volume discounts available

Brand Removable, Reusable Insulation


Designed with the environment and your budget in mind. A simple, money and resource saving solution for those simple areas which until now cost too much to insulate, and now cost too much and must be insulated.

PLUMP-EEZ™ make bidding easier.

PLUMP-EEZ™ are perfect for do-it-yourself applications.


Designed and manufactured for simple applications, currently for valves, flanges, and expansion joints. Soft and moldable.

PLUMP-EEZ™ “step-up/down” to accommodate differing insulation thickness in piping systems.

Manufactured using: soft fiberglass insulation, Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. silicone coated fiberglass cloth (water processed to decrease environmental impact) and silicone coated fiberglass strap; high temperature thread, and 304 stainless steel hardware.

Universal Removable Reusable Insulation Products, Inc.

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